As a father, husband and freelance graphic designer, I take on many titles and wear them with pride. Nothing brings me more joy than to teach my little one a new word, hear my wife's laughter, and earn my living by helping my customers reach their full potential. I find that the same qualities I use in my profession apply in all of my life's roles: diligence, commitment, and being able to create something beautiful.

However, being a graphic designer is so much more than being able to design a pretty graphic. It is about listening to my clients, learning about their target consumers, and giving them a useful product in a timely manner.

I tell people I've been doing design work for 13 years, but, the truth is, I have been doing design work my entire life. Even before college, I spent my summers working for local furniture stores designing sales graphics for their windows and airbrushing them on myself. Since I began learning to draw, I have always focused on the big picture by creating for a purpose and developing my talents to meet that purpose.

I have always been a designer. It is just what I do. However, being good at it comes from the years of experience I gained working for companies from an entry-level artist to production design management.

This experience means I am able to work one-on-one with clients, supervise and coordinate other artists, and perform to a high standard on multiple projects at the same time. I have learned how to design great pieces without wasting clients' time.

To me, there is no such thing as a small job. I take the view that whether a job takes ten minutes or ten hours, it is always just as important to the client and should also be to me. I treat all collaborations, large and small, with the same attention and care that every customer deserves.

After working 10 years for other companies, I wanted to take my services out on my own. I enjoy the freedom that comes from working for myself and being able to give customers the graphics they need, the service they would see from bigger design firms, and the added personal one-on-one time for their design projects.

So, that is who I am, a simple man with a big dream of being able to do it on my own and, one day, maybe more. I am proud to list here several testimonials from my clients. Their words speak to my business goal, to enjoy earning a good living by helping my customers succeed in theirs.