I love to work, and I love the challenge of the next big project. Maybe you have the next big project. If so, I would love to hear your ideas and see if there is anything I can do for you. Even if your project is small, like just needing "Now Open" signs for you new location, let me be the person to help set that up for you.

With over 13 years of design work, not only can I design you great logos, promos and websites, I can also point you to some great companies I trust for your printing needs. I believe these companies will treat you as good as I will, working together with you for the same goal of making you happy and driving up your sales.

Here some types of products I can bring to you:

Logos, Branding and Identity Design:
Capturing your company brand as your logo is important. I can design your new company logo and image, and then carry it over into letterhead, business cards, envelopes and more. If you can think of it, you can put your logo on it.

Promotional Design and Materials:
Posters, mailers, brochures and billboards are all great ways to deliver your message or product to the eyes of consumers.

Publication Design:
I can set up your message in any sort of publication, books, magazines, reports or reviews. If you want to entertain with a magazine, inform with annual reports or tell a story in a book, I can make sure that the style and look are just as important as the content that goes inside of it.

Miscellaneous Items:
If it can be printed, I can design it: labels, calendars, CD/DVDs, tee-shirts or last minute invitations.

Website Design and Maintenance:
Now you have a logo and all your printed material, so what's next? Get your message world-wide. I can build your website and handle your maintenance and updating, making your internet message sharp and hassle-free.

Web/Email Graphics:
Businesses often overlook web graphics and their potential. These include the banner ads you place on someone else's website or the logo at the bottom of your email. As you find all of the different places your image can be used to promote your business, let me help you make that message attractive and consistent.